uniQure has built a world-class network of partners and collaborators.

uniQure collaborates with international pharmaceutical leaders, innovative early-staged companies as well as academic institutions and other research organizations to advance the company’s portfolio.

Partners logo bristol myers squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY) and uniQure announced in April 2015 an agreement that provides Bristol-Myers Squibb with exclusive access to uniQure’s gene therapy technology platform for multiple targets in cardiovascular diseases as well as the potential for target-exclusive collaboration in other disease areas. In total, the companies may collaborate on ten targets, including S100A1 for Congestive Heart Failure.


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uniQure has a collaboration and license agreement with 4D Molecular Therapeutics, signed in January 2014, which is focused on the identification of novel optimized AAV variants that have greatly enhanced properties for achieving higher levels of gene expression. The collaboration will evolve AAV variants with greatly improved gene delivery properties in liver and the central nervous system.

Partners logo 4d molecular tx

In January 2015, we entered into a co-operation and license agreement with Synpromics Limited for the discovery of alternative small liver-specific promoters for sustainable and increased expression of larger therapeutic genes fitting the package capacity of AAV vectors.



Academic and Research Institutions

In addition, uniQure collaborates with leading academic institutions and other research organizations that are sponsoring preclinical and early-stage clinical trials of gene therapy product candidates to which the company holds specified rights.

For more information about partnering and collaborating with uniQure, please contact:
Jonathan Garen, Chief Business Officer at j.garen@uniQure.com